Fitness SS

Fitness Data on your Apple Watch

Fitness SS is a simple Apple Watch application that provides a second screen to help monitor running and walking workouts. It is not intended to replace a fitness tracking application you may be using, but to complement other applications. It is designed to provide quick access to important information without added accounts, complexity or external dependencies.

Fitness SS was born out of our frustration with existing solutions and we hope you will also find it useful. Some of the specific goals we tried to address include the following. We welcome feedback on ways we can make it more useful to you.


Workout tracking applications, in our experience, can have issues with their companion watch apps. The issues can range from incomplete functionality or in some cases instability. Fitness SS is designed and tested with stability as a priority.

Missing Data

Some applications do not export everything they track to Apple Health. Fitness SS will add heart rate and distance (pacing) data to Apple Health without creating a new workout. Heath will then combine this data with other workouts missing data during the same time period.


Most solutions for carrying your iPhone during a workout make viewing it awkward unless you stop. Many companion watch apps suffer from watch to phone communication issues. Fitness SS is designed for simplicity and ease of use while exercising on the move.


You may not always need a full featured fitness tracking application or the subscriptions they require. Now you can simply track your real-time workout data without all of the baggage. No accounts, no complexity, just real-time data at a glance.


  • View real-time heart rate from Bluetooth monitors or the optical sensor in the watch
  • View total distance traveled during workout session
  • View stopwatch or timer with optional auto repeat and alerts for interval workouts
  • View average heart rate at the end of your workout session
  • Calculate basic heart rate zones based on your age
  • Calculate advanced heart rate zones based on your age and resting heart rate
  • Customize heart rate zones for your needs: Name,
  • Color, BPM range and optional Alerts when entering and leaving the zone.

Privacy Policy

We do not store your data, period. We have nowhere to store it. We do not even have server database to store it. We use of no external services.

All of the health data we read is displayed in real time, added to Apple Heath then discarded. No storage, no history, nothing. Your data is yours and we are proud to be able to say this.

Thanks to Tim Foster and Toa Heftiba for the banner images on unsplash.