Fitness SS

Frequently Asked Questions

Displayed Distance Seems Inaccurate

Fitness SS displays the distance reported by the Apple Watch for a Walk/Run activity. The distance calculators in other fitness applications may use other methods that give a different result. If you are interested in support for other activities let us know via the feedback form below.

Bluetooth Monitor Not Connecting

If using a Bluetooth heart rate monitor, it is advisable to using one that supports multiple Bluetooth connections. The monitor needs to be support one connection for each device such as a Computer, iPhone and/or Watch. Not all heart rate monitors support multiple connections. Trying to connect more devices that the monitor supports will prevent some devices from finding the monitor. Monitors we are aware of that do support multiple connections are listed below.

  • Polar H10
  • 2020 Wahoo TICKR
  • Garmin HRM-Dual

Multiple Heart Rate Zone Alerts

It is normal for the heart rate to fluctuate. This can lead to duplicate alerts when the rate is hovering very close to a boundary.

To try and prevent duplicate alerts, multiple consecutive readings are required before triggering the alert. The number of consecutive readings can be adjusted under the heart rate zone configuration screen.

At the bottom of the list of zones is a "Border Sensitivity for Alerts" setting. Larger settings will require more consecutive readings in the new heart rate zone before an alerts is triggered.